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     Common Sense


Common Sense is a quarterly magazine published by the Islamic Party of Britain which contains in-depth articles from an Islamic perspective on a different relevant topic each issue.

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Common Sense Issue Number 37

Islamic Party Guide To Media Control

Media Contacts
Media Ownership
How To Write a Successful Press Release
How To Conduct a Successful Radio Interview

  Download Issue Number 37

          File Size: (87 kb)
          Date Published: (Spring 2003)



Please feel free to download this publication and distribute in your local Islamic centre or Mosque. Your comments and questions are most welcome.

Selected Articles From Back Issues

We also have an archive which contains selected articles from back issues of Common Sense. Click here to access the archive


Since the printed edition of Common Sense has, for the time being, been suspended, there will now be occasional bulletins as and where required to provide information and commentary.

Press Statements

Recent Press Statements from the Islamic Party of Britain.

31/Aug/04 PoliceWatch - a  call for consultation
24/Aug/04 Police assault Muslim in custody for calling them racist
23/Aug/04 Police Arrest son of Islamic Leader
06/Jun/04 Islamic Party Urges Vote for Peace
10/Jun/03 Islamic Party Suspends Activities
25/Jan/03 Finsbury Park Mosque Raid
22/Mar/02 Campaign success - NatWest backs down and donates to party
18/Mar/02 Denial of Banking Services to Islamic Party of Britain
28/Sep/01 American legislation recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel
25/Jun/01 Islamic Party of Britain condemns Turkey's closure of Fazilat Party
15/Mar/01 Letter in Support of Kashmir
29/Nov/00 Boycotting of US/Israeli Products
04/Oct/00 Statement on Palestine

Special Publications

The History of Al - Aqsa Mosque (published by Mustaqim Islamic Art & Literature)

A Report on the visit by a Delegation of British Muslims to Occupied Palestine - First Published 1988, Adapted for the Internet August 2001 - By Mustaqim Islamic Art & Literature.

A Fiqh for Freedom, A Law for Liberation by Sahib Mustaqim Bleher (First Published: Common Sense, Issue 15, Milton Keynes, England, 1995)

Copyright Notice

Any organisation or individual wishing to reprint or copy the contents of  any article featured in Common Sense or on this website may do so as long as the information is kept in its original form, names of all authors and sources are kept intact and is used for non-malicious purposes. An acknowledgement and link to this website would also be appreciated.

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