The force which compells men and binds them with terrible oaths 

I Furthermore Promise and Swear, That I will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason, in preference to any other person of equal qualification." 

“I Furthermore Promise and Swear, That I will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause whether he be right or wrong.” 

“I Furthermore Promise and Swear, That I will not wrong this Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, or a Companion of this degree out of the value of anything myself, Nor Suffer it to be done by others, If in my power to prevent it.” 

“I Furthermore Promise and Swear, That I will not reveal The Key to The Ineffable Characters of this degree, Nor retain it in my possession, but will destroy it whenever it comes to my sight.” 

“I Furthermore Promise and Swear, that I will not speak the Grand Omnific, Royal Arch Word, which I shall hereafter receive, In Any Manner, Except In that (situation) in which I shall receive it (here in the Lodge). Which will be in the presence of Three Companion Royal Arch Masons, Myself making one of the number; and then by (incanting it) Three Times Three, Under a Living Arch, and at low breath.” 
[Duncan’s Ritual Monitor, page 225-231] 

On page 35 of ‘Darkness Visible’ Walton Hannah made the following remarks: “ The fact that Anglican bishops and clergy see no inconsistency in forming groups of three to recite this word, almost as an incantation, is really staggering. Of course they would say that it is all very symbolic, but Pike, objected to it even as a symbol.” 

The Pike referred to by Hannah, was the leading Masonic authority of his day, Albert Pike, who was Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Supreme Council at Charleston U.S.A., a Masonic body which at that time (1873) did not include a Royal Arch Chapter. As a 32nd degree Mason Pike was entrusted with reviewing and compiling a catalogue of all masonic rituals even upto the 33rd degree. His ‘Morals & Dogma of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite’ are perhaps his best known published work. He wrote:- “No man or body of men can make me accept as a sacred word, as a symbol of the infinite and eternal Godhead, a mongrel word, in part composed of the name of an accursed and beastly heathen god, whose name has been for more than two thousand years an appellation of the Devil.” [The Holy Triad, Washington 1873, quoted on page 35 of Darkness Visible] 

Figure 4: Altar-top of the Holy Royal Arch (Top Diagram) and the Royal Arch Ceremony (Bottom diagram)

Pike, however, for all his erudition, was also guilty, on more than one occasion, of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Proving the point, that whilst one may be better informed than the next, he or she might not necessarily be any the wiser. On this occasion, however, Pike’s description is correct, although his later writings reveal that he thought that God was the Devil and the Devil was God, an extremely common misapprehension among the higher echelons of the Craft and Royal Arch degrees, which has managed to confuse many researchers trying to establish if Freemasonry is Divine or Diabolical. 

It is useful to note the positions into which the followers of Masonic belief have managed to establish and maintain themselves since the first Grand Lodge was convened in 1717. Today it still has among its dignitaries, members of the Aristocracy, The Legal Profession, The Armed Forces, Bankers Financiers, Accountants, Politicians, Civil Servants, Doctors, Professors; Members of The Clergy, Show Business, Espionage, The Judiciary, The Police, Business, Commerce, etc., etc., etc. 

It makes interesting reading to see where some of these followers and upholders of the Masonic ‘Religion’ and its binding oaths are operating in today’s world. According to the official Masonic Year Book of 1985-86, there are 1,676 Masonic Lodges operating in London, with another 5,785 Lodges in Britain’s 47 Provinces: The following examples are from the London Lodges alone. Institutions like The Bank of England have their own Lodges, in its case it is listed as No 263, one of the earliest. Lloyds Bank, not surprisingly is the Black Horse of Lombard Street No 4155. The Chartered Accountants Lodge is Lodge No 3162, The Certified Accountants No 7582. Other organisations include The City of London National Guard; The City of London Red Cross; The City of London Rifles; The City of London Lodge of Installed Masters; The City of Westminster; City University; Grays Inn; The Guildhall School of Music; The Middlesex Hospital; The National Westminster (Bank) No 3647. Even Educational establishments have their own Lodges, like the The Northern Polytechnic; Oxford & Cambridge University No 1118. Even the Public Schools Installed Masters have one, together with The Royal Air Force; The Royal Albert Hall; The Royal Colonial Institute; The Royal Dental Hospital; The Royal Engineers; The Royal Naval College; and United Services. Even Borough Councils like St Marylebone and Westminster City Council have lodges of their own, as do The Stationers Company; Trinity College Dublin; along with the Universities of Durham, Edinburgh, and London. It can be seen from this small sample of organisations that Craft and Royal Arch influence is extremely wide spread, and that no office, or branch of government is free from it’s influence; particularly our courts which are full of Masonic Judges and officials. This is why Professor Christer in his inaugural lecture at Salford University on February 12th 1992, entitled the King’s New Clothes, stated that British Courts are controlled by banks and insolvency practitioners. 

Some Officers of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1985/6 included: 

Grand Master  Bro HRH The Duke of Kent 
Pro Grand Master  Bro the Rt.Hon. Lord 
Cornwallis. OBE, DL 
Dep Grand Master Bro the Hon. Edward Latham Baillieu 
Assistant Grand Master Bro the Rt.Hon Lord Farnham
Senior Grand Warden Bro the Rt.Hon Viscount Gough 
Junior Grand Warden Bro Sir Peter Lane 
Grand Chaplain Bro the Revd Dr Michael Morgan 
Grand Secretary Bro Cdr Michael Bernard 
Shepley Higham, RN 
Pres Grand Charity  Bro Sir John Reader Welch
Bro Viscount Chelsea 
Bro Rt.Hon the Earl of Eglinton & Winton
Dep Grand Director of Ceremonies  Bro the Most Hon, Marquis of Northampton 
[a sponsor of the Golden Dawn Centenary] 


Panel  Masonic Rank
Bro Sir Lionel Brett  P Dist GM Nigeria 
Bro Kenneth B. Large  P Dist GM Bengal 
Bro the Rt Hon Sir George Waller, OBE  PJGW 
Bro the Rt Hon Sir Edward Eveleigh  PJGW 
Bro the Rt Hon Sir John Arnold  PJGW 
Bro the Rt Hon Mr Justice Reeve.  PJGW 
Bro the Hon Mr Justice Drake  DFC, PJGW 
Bro His Honour Sir William Stabb, QC  PSGD 
Elected Members to retire in 1986/87/88 
Bro Mr Registrar T.L. Dewhurst  PAG Reg 
Bro the Hon. Mr Justice Mervyn Davies  PJGW 
Bro His Hon. Judge P.M.J. Slot.  PJGD 
Bro G.W. Seward, QC  PAG Reg 
Bro His Honour Judge M. Underhill,QC 
Bro His Honour Judge B. Gibbens, QC 
Bro F.A.Lincoln, QC 
Bro His Honour Judge J.E. Jones 

Additional Grand Judicial, Ecclesiastic and Establishment Personalities and the year they attained Grand Officer Status:. 

GrandOfficers   Craft Rank Year  Royal Arch 
His Honour Judge Jack S. Abdela. QCx SGD  1972   PAG Soj 75 
His Honour Judge Anwyl-Davies Marcus. QC  PJGD  1975  PAG Soj 76 
Rt Hon Sir John L Arnold. QC  AGReg  1970 
Maj Gen Sir Leonard Atkinson. H., KBE  GSwdB  1967  GSwdB 67 
Rt. Hon Lord Justice Balcombe  PJGW  1974 
Rt. Revd Cuthbert K. Bardsley. N.,CBE  GChap  1956-7 
Sir Leonard Barford  Prov Grand Master Sussex  1976  G Supt 83 
The Revd Canon Hugh R. Barker  AGChap  1985 
The Rt. Honourable Lord Barnard.  Prov GM Durham  1969  GSN 76 
The Rt. Hon. Viscount Blendisloe. QC  SGW  1980-1 
His Hon. Judge Norman Brodrick   AG Reg 1965 
His Hon. Judge Francis H. Cassels  SGD  1974 
Hon Judge Ali A.K. Cazi  PSGD  1985 
Hon Mr Justice C.O.E. Cole. CMG, OBE.  District G.M. Sierra Leone and the Gambia  1980  G Supt 80 
*Sir Kenneth R. Cork., GBE [Insolvency]  PSGD  1979 
The Hon Mr Justice Mervyn Davies   AG Reg 1975 
PJGW  1983 
Sir Lionel Denny  AGDC  1959  PG St B 59 
Rt Hon Earl of Derby     
SGW  1949-50
Craft, Prov Grand Master of East Lancashire  1960-71 
2nd G Prin.
Royal Arch from 1951-59 
G Supt East Lancs 1960-71 
The Hon Justice Donald G. Douglas,  PAGDC  1983 
The Hon Mr Justice Drake  PJGW  1979 
Lt Gen Sir Robert Drew  GSwdB  1966  GSwd B 64 
Professor Charles O.Easmon  PAGDC  1977  PGSt B 77 
“  PSGD  1982 
“  PGSwdB  1985 
His Hon Robert K Eason.  Prov G.M. Isle of Man  1972-82 
G Supt (Royal Arch)   1972-82
Rabbi Isaac N Fabricant   PAG Chap 1960 
Hon Mr Justice Neville Faulks   AG Reg 1961 
His Honour Judge John A. Finlay. QC  PJGD  1977 
His Honour Judge Desmond Franks   PAG Reg 1981  PGSt B 82 
Rev Rabbi Dr Maurice Gaguine   PAG Chap 1974 
His Honour Judge Brian J. Galpin  JGD  1980 
Rabbi Percy S.Goldberg  PAG Chap  1960 
His Honour Judge Michael Goodman   PAG Reg 1985 
Rt Hon Viscount Gough  SGW  1984-5 
Hon Mr Justice Graham  PJGW  1973 
Sqdr Ldr Niel C. Green. DSO,DFC.  Dep-GSwdB  1982  PG St B 85 
Maj-Gen Sir Stuart Greeves KBE., CB, DSO, MC.   PGSwdB  1955  PG Swd B 55
His Honour Judge Rowe Harding  JGD  1964 
Maj-Gen,Sir Ralph Hone, KBE,MC,TD,QC  KCMG, 
PAG Reg  1936  PG St B 38 
His Honour Judge Alexander Karmel.QC  PJGD  1968 
HRH Prince Michael of Kent SGW  1979  PGSN1985 
Rt Hon Lord Kenyon CBE,DL  SGD  1953  GSN1956 
He Was Pro Grand Master North Wales and G Supt Royal Arch  in 1958 
Rt Hon Lord Langford OBE.  SGW  1973-4 
Hon Mr Justice Latey  PJGW  1969 
Hon Mr Justice Leonard  SGD  1980 
His Honour Gilbert F. Leslie  SGD  1966  PG Soj 1979 
H.E. Sir Allen M.Lewis., GCMG, QC   PSGD  1979 PAGSoj 1979 
His Hon. Judge Sir Rudolph Lyons. QC  PJGD  1978 
His Honour Sidney H.Noakes  PJGD  1969 
Hon Mr Justice Nii A. Ollennu   PAG Reg 1972 
Hon Mr Justice Reeve  PJGD  1971 
Rt Hon Viscount Ridley  JGW  1967 
His Honour Judge John C. Rutter  JGD  1966 
Rt Hon Earl of Shannon  JGW 1966  GSN 1970 
Hon Mr Justice Sheen   AG Reg 1974 
Rt Hon Lord Sherfield GCB,GCMG  JGW  1979 
His Hon Judge Peter M.J Slot  JGD  1983 
His Hon Judge Edgar D. Smith  PJGD  1973 
His Hon Judge Sir William Stabb.QC  SGD  1972  AG Soj 1973 
Bishop Robert W. Stannard   G Chap 1948-9 
His Hon Judge James Stansfield   PAG Reg 1957  PG StB 1957 
Hon Mr Justice Stocker MC, TD  PJGW  1975 
The Rt Hon Lord Swansea  SGW  1965  G Supt 1977 
Hon Mr Justice Talbot  PJGW  1969 
Sir Charles S.Taylor MP  SGD  1963 
Rt Hon Lord Justice Templeman MBE  PJGW  1973 
Sir Herbert Tetley KBE, CB   G Treas 1964  GTreas 1964 
Most Hon Marquess Townsend  SGW  1963-4 
His Honour Alan S Trapnell  AG Reg  1963  G Supt 1982 
*Revd Cannon Richard Tydeman    G Chap 1966-7 GSN 1971 
  G Supt Suffolk Royal Arch 1980 
His Hon Judge Lawrence Verney   JGD  1972  PAG Soj 77
His Hon Judge Richard W. Vick  PJGD  1972 
Ruben Viner, OBE.  PAGDC  1965  PG StB 1965 
His Honour Judge Felix Waley VRD,QC.  Dep G Reg  1982-3 
Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen N.,Bt  PJGW  1961 

Of the above list of 80 Grand Officers, 41 are Judges. 3 are Army Major Generals, the rest are QC’s, Honourable and Right Honourable Lords and Gentlemen, one Member of Parliament, several senior Clergymen, and two leading members of our Royal Family. Over 30 of them have taken the binding oath in the name of Jah-Bul-On Jehovah. Should a Judge promise to be partial; to look more favourably on one member of the public than another? 

The possibility that Masonic judges can and do prevent non-masons from succeeding against ‘Companion Royal Arch Masons’, because of binding oaths they made to some beastly heathen deity, believing it to be Almighty God, requires urgent attention indeed! So just who or what is Jehovah-Jah-Bul-On?

I will describe in detail later how the disciphering and correct analysis of the triple sound combination, which represents the Occult, Judeo-Masonic god ‘Jehovah Jah-Bal-On’, was arrived at. What remains to be done is to see what it represents, and why it should be resisted. The book, ‘Inside the Brotherhood’ by Martin Short contains a good summaryof the continuing controversy surrounding this word, even in Masonic circles. In chapter four - ‘Jahbulon - The sacred word to keep’, he quotes Canon Richard Tydeman, a previous Grand Chaplain as saying:- 

“ The ‘secret’ of Masonry is completely indefinable ... it can only be obtained by those who come of their own free will and accord, properly prepared and humbly soliciting. And the knowledge that this humility has been shared by everyone else in the room is the cement that binds Masons. The ‘secret’ is the shared experience... [Inside the Brotherhood, page 62]

On the other hand, Mr Short informs us that the Methodist inquiry found that ‘the most serious objection’ for a Christian in all Freemasonry “lies in the Royal Arch ritual which reveals the Supreme Being’s true name as Jahbulon. Clearly each of this words three syllables conform to the name of a divinity in a particular religion. The whole word is thus an example of syncretism, an attempt to unite different religions in one, which Christians [and Muslims] cannot accept [but for different reasons].” 

Likewise the Church of England. In October 1987, Canon Brian Brindley in an article in the Reading Evening Post described Jahbulon as ‘an unholy compound of the Hebrew name of God Jehovah, with the heathen names for Baal and Osiris’. 

Martin Short says: “Springing to Jahbulon’s defence was Grand Secretary Higham who doubles as ‘Grand Scribe Ezra’ of Royal Arch. The jobs go together at Freemasons’ Hall, London, where ‘Ezra’ Higham speaks for some 180,000 ‘Companions’ in 2,836 ‘Chapters’ in England and Wales. He now scribed that the Canon (Brindley) had got it wrong: 

‘The tri-syllable word in the Royal Arch is a word and not a name of God. It is not an attempt to combine the names of gods of differing religions, nor does it have any reference to pagan gods. Attempts to relate its second and third syllables to Baal and Osiris are simply semantic games played by uninformed critics of Freemasonry.’" 

Few Reading Evening Post readers, says Mr Short, could have made sense of this -"not least because Mr Higham, like all Royal Arch Companions, has sworn never to divulge the word he was defending. Because if he ever ‘dares to pronounce’ Jah-Bul-On outside Royal Arch circles (it is pronounced Yahbulon, by the way) the good commander risks having his ‘head cut off’ and according to some versions of the ritual, his ‘brains exposed to the burning rays of the sun.’ 

If this was not a big enough impediment to free speech, Higham was labouring under a more practical disability: he was misrepresenting the Royal Arch ritual. This tells how the Jews were freed from captivity in Babylon in the sixth century B.C., and how they returned to Jerusalem to rebuild King Solomon’s Temple. The aspiring candidate is given a shovel to dig the foundations, but during excavations another worker discovers a vault from the original Temple. This contains a gold plate inscribed with two words: Jehovah, described as the ‘Sacred and Mysterious Name of the True and Living God Most High’; and Jahbulon.The candidate is told these are Masonry’s ‘long-lost secrets’, which Hiram Abiff died for rather than betray 500 years before. Helping to rediscover them wins the candidate ‘exaltation’ to the rank of Companion. Only then is he told that all the secrets he had learned in the first three degrees are ‘substituted secrets’, adopted ‘until time or circumstances should restore the genuine’. Thus Masonry’s ‘Supreme Degree’ drops the bombshell that all the hocuspocus in the Craft is counterfeit. 

To enact this rediscovery, the top of the Royal Arch ‘altar’ is adorned with a plate not of gold but of brass. This is inscribed with a circle on which is written JE-HO-VAH, split into three syllables. Within the circle is a triangle. On each side of the triangle is written JAH-BUL-ON, also split into three. In England this ritual is performed in dozens of variations or ‘workings’ but most include a ‘Mystical Lecture’ which all Companions must drink in: 

‘In times of antiquity, names of God and symbols of divinity were always enclosed in triangular figures... They gave it the name of God... This sacred Delta is usually enclosed with a square and circle, thereby expressing its vivifying influence... The word on the triangle is that Sacred and Mysterious Name you have just solemnly engaged yourself never to pronounce.’ 

This leaves little room for doubt that ... Jahbulon is a name of God and not just a word. Indeed it seems to be the ‘Sacred and Mysterious Name’ ... The lecture continues.

‘It is a compound word, and the combination forms the word Jah-Bul-On. It is in four languages, Chaldee, Hebrew, Syriac, and Egyptian. JAH is the Chaldee name of God, signifying ‘His essence and majesty incomprehensible.’ It is also a Hebrew word signifying ‘I am and shall be’, thereby expressing the actual, future, and eternal existence of the Most High. BUL is a Syriac word denoting Lord, or Powerful, it is in itself a compound word, being formed from the preposition Beth, in or on, and Ul, Heaven or on High. ON is an Egyptian word signifying Father of All, as in that well known prayer, Our Father, which art in Heaven. The various significations of the word may thus be collected: I am and shall be; Lord in Heaven or on High.’ 

This demolishes Higham’s claim that Jahbulon is ‘not an attempt to combine the names of gods of differing religions... The Mystical Lecture clearly asserts just that. In ancient times the Chaldeans, Syrians and Egyptians all worshipped pagan gods, to whom their alleged words meaning ‘God’, ‘Lord on High’ and ‘Father of All’ must be understood to refer. 

What of Higham’s last swipe: against the ‘semantic games’ [anti-Semantic?] played by those ‘uninformed critics of Freemasonry’ who attempt to relate BUL and ON to Baal and Osiris? Clearly the Church of England Working Group fall into that category, for they were perturbed by the meaning of both Jahbulon and the three Hebrew letters A, B and L - Aleph, Beth, and Lamed - set at the triangle’s corners. The Mystical Lecture explains these letters may be juggled to spell the divine incantations:- AB BAL (meaning Father Lord), AL BAL (Word Lord), and LAB BAL (Spirit Lord). The group said the obvious result is to emphasize BAL, which they clearly felt was simply another spelling of Baal..." [Inside the Brotherhood, page 65] 

The Qur’an points out the error of Baal worship, under all its guises, including the above sample of Luciferian doctrine. It also warns us not to dispute with the People of the Book, except with means better than mere disputation, unless it be with those amongst them who inflict injury. [Qur’an, Surah 29, verse 46] 

“Peace be unto Moses and Aaron! Lo! thus do We reward the good. Behold! they are two of our believing servants. And also Elias was of those sent to warn. When he said unto his people: Will you not ward off evil? Will you cry unto Baal and forsake the best of Creators - Allah; your Lord and Lord of your forefathers?But they denied him, so they will surely be hailed forth to the doom... Lo! it is of their falsehood that they say Allah has begotten. And verily they tell a lie... What aileth you? How judge you? Will you not then reflect? Or have you a clear warrant? Then produce it if you are truthful. And they imagine kinship between him and the jinn, whereas the jinn know well that they will be brought before Him. Glorified be Allah from that which they attribute to Him.” [Qur’an, Surah 37, verse 120-127 and 150-159] 

The false idea of ‘God The Father - begetting’ in the way described in the Athanasian Creed, was imported from Egypt along with a whole range of concepts alien to Hebrew Monotheism. The Roman Catholic catechism states, that Jesus was the begotten son of God, “begotten not made, one in substance with the Father, and through him all things were made”. A concept that is completely alien to Hebrew Islam, which views the whole idea as loathsome. 

One of the most frequently recited Surahs or chapters in the Qur’an related to this issue, is called ‘The Sincerity’ or ‘Al- Ikhlas’. Some authorities think that it was revealed in answer to a question from Jewish doctors concerning the nature of God. 

“In The Name of Allah, the Beneficient, The Merciful. 

1. Say: He Allah, is One (Ahad)! 

2. Allah is He Who we all depend on! 

3. He begets not, nor was He begotten 

4. And there is no one comparable to Him". [Qur’an, Surah 112] 

Jehovah-Jahbulon, or Atum, the aboriginal deity, as he is described by R.T. Rundle Clark, in ‘The Magic of Obelisks’ by Peter Thompkins, was ‘The Rock That Begot’, the phallus of Ra-Atum, symbolised as an Obelisk. The self-engendered Atum-Ra rises up as a primeval hill [‘jabalon’ in Arabic means hill or mountain], the Temple Hill of the Sun at Heliopolis-ON, the dwelling place of the High God manifesting himself as light and symbolised as an obelisk, or the Pillar of Heaven, the Rock of Ages. It continued the cult of Terrestial-Phallicism, started by Nimrod and his Tower of Babel, and commemorated the following prayer: 

“Oh Atum, when you came into being you rose up as a high hill. You shon as the BenBen stone Obelisk, in the Temple of the Phoenix at On-Heliopolis.” 

According to Hargrave Jennings, in ‘Phallicism -Celestial & Terrestial’ [page 73] “ The Egyptians, among whom of ancient nations the Obelisk and the Pyramid were the most frequently employed as significant objects, held that there were two opposite powers in the world perpetually acting and reacting against each other... The Obelisk always means the male instrument, while the Pyramid signifies the female corresponding tumefactive, or rising power - power not submissive, but answerably suggestive; synchronised in the anatomical clitoris, - root, in the Greek, probably, from clyte, ‘Sun-flower’ as turning to the sun, that eccentric, minute object, meaning everything in the Rosicrucian mystic anatomy.” 

Clark states in ‘Symbol and myth in ancient Egypt’ that:- 

“For the Heliopolitan morning was marked by the shining sunlight on an erect pillar or pyramidion on a support shaft which could reflect the rays of the rising sun. In the beginning, a light-bird [i.e the Phoenix, the holy spirit] had alighted on the sacred stone, an obelisk, known as the Benben, to initiate the great age of the visible god... 

When Atum, the aboriginal deity and ultimate but hidden godhead, at first alone in the Universe, came into being, symbolised by the primeval serpent in the dark waters of the abyss, his act was symbolised as Autoerotic." 

“In one sense”, says Rundle Clark, “he is the Atum figure of Heliopolis, performing creation by masturbation...” 

The Qur’an identifies the source of this blasphemous thinking in Surah 72, ‘The Jinn’: 

“In The Name of Allah, the Beneficient, The Merciful. 

1. Say (to the people Muhammad): It is revealed to me that a company of the Jinn listened (to the Qur’an), and said: Behold! this is a marvellous Recital! 

2. Which guides unto righteousness, so we believe in it, and shall not associate (in worship) any (false gods) with our Lord. 

3. And exalted is the Majesty of our Lord: He has taken neither a wife nor a son. 

4. And there were foolish ones amongst us, who used to speak an atrocious lie concerning Allah. 

5. And be assured, that we had also supposed (wrongly) that humankind and Jinn would not (dare) speak a lie concerning Allah. 

6. And indeed, (O Muhammad) there were persons amongst humankind who used to invoke the protection of individuals amongst the people of the Jinns, but they only increased them in rebellious folly." 

Occult Masonic activities, such as invoking and banishing the ‘gods’, i.e. Jinn or Genies, through the ‘Greater Ritual of the Hexagram’, or ‘Star of David’, as it is incorrectly called, is still practiced today. In Apendix VII, pages 452-457, of Aleister Crowley’s ‘MAGICK’ he demonstrates its continuing practice in 20th century Britain. 

As far as the Greater Ritual of the Hexagram is concerned, and similar Occult practices, the Qur’an reminds us of the ultimate outcome of these activities:- 

“When We said to the angels: ‘Prostrate yourselves before Adam’, all prostrated themselves except Satan, who was a Genie, disobedient to his Lord. Would you then serve him and his offspring as your [Masonic] masters, rather than Myself, despite their enmity towards you? 

I did not call them to witness at the creation of the heavens and the earth, nor at their own creation; nor would I take those who mislead others as helpers. 

One day, He will say: ‘Call on those whom you claimed to be My partners’. They will invoke them, but will receive no answer; for We shall place a deadly gulf between them... In this Qur’an, We have set out for men all manner of parables, but man is in most things contentious." [Surah 18, Al-Kahf (The Cave), verses 50-54] 

This then is the true origin of Jehovah-Jah-Bul-On, and helps to explain the choice of, or preference for Obelisks, as national monuments. The Washington Monument, at 555ft tall, weighing close to 90,000 tons, can and should be called “ The Great Satan”. 555 corresponds to JAH numerologically in Hebrew. [5+5+5=15; 10=Y, 5=H: JaH or YaH] Jehovah Jah-Bul-On is quite definitely the devil in disguise, and this name when invoked in Masonic Royal Arch rituals and elsewhere, calls forth the ‘Compelling force of Gehenum or Hell’, which compells its adherents to do evil. 

The first clue came from Rev T. K. Cheyne, Fellow of Balliol College, who said:" The form Jehovah is unhesitatingly to be rejected due to a misunderstanding of comparatively modern origin." Seeking as we must, the protection of Allah from the accursed devil when pronouncing this triple combination of sounds, I will explain how the unmasking came about. 

In 1975 I was approached by a representative of The British Crane Hire Corporation to go to Saudi Arabia as a Machine Tool Consultant. As I had nothing better to do I agreed, and after the lengthy delays finally departed for Jeddah via Beirut. Ironically we arrived on the first day of Ramadan, which if my memory serves me well was on the 6th of September that year. Being like most Westerners totally ignorant of Islam or its customs - believing as we do, that we were the good guys and they were the bad ones - my colleagues and I were totally unaware of what to do or what to expect. 

We arrived at Jeddah, and were overwhelmed by the heat and 98% humidity that greeted us. I was quite ready to get on the next plane home, but curiosity and the fact that there were no planes back I had to grin and bear it. The fun started when a zealous Saudi telex operator at ‘The Red Sea Palace’ refused to send my first message home announcing our safe arrival, because he insisted they were not allowed to send coded signals. The message read “Arrived safe and well, but it aint arf ot mum...” All the Brits desolved into laughter and after a lot of explaining the message was finally sent. 

What we had not expected was the time table of appointments which fasting in hot climates made necessary. Our first serious meeting began late that evening finishing at approximately 2 am. On arriving back at the hotel we found to our annoyance that we could not get anything to eat or drink because they were serving ‘Sohur’. None of us, of course, had the slightest notion who or what Sohur was, or meant, and so we sat in the hotel restraurant arguing with the waiter. At which point a very deep American voice intervened inquiring if we were Limeys, and if so, we could join him at his table. When we turned, we found a large black man, with a long white beard, dressed in mid-eastern clothes, with his wife who was also American. He introduced himself as Sheikh Kamil Wadud from Newark New Jersey, and his wife as Kareema. 

It was decided that the only way round the problem was to go into the lounge and he would order extra food for himself, and we could join him, which is in fact what happened. One of the other English people with us did not like the idea of sitting too long in the company of black people, so eventually they excused themselves and left me in the company of the Sheikh and his wife. It was not too long before we were discussing all sorts of subjects, including American Indians, politics, and inevitably, religion. He said to me, “What do you know about Islam?” I said, nothing! He then said, “what do you think the Qur’an says about Jesus and Mary?”, to which I gave the same answer; or about the virgin birth, and so on, and so forth, until it became clear to me, that what we in the West had been conditioned to believe about Islam, was no more than a farrago of twisted facts and malevolent absurdities. The following day we met again and resumed where we had left off, continuing our discussions all through the night, interspersed by the various calls to prayer which he like all the others attended to promptly. The point that I recall making at the time to one of my companions, was: “If these are the infidels, what on earth are we?” 

On or around the fourth day of our stay at the Red Sea Palace we became acquainted with an Ulsterman called Mike Mullin who was staying in the hotel temporarily, while his permanent accomodation was made ready, together with his pregnant wife Penny and their young son. Mike at that time was working for a Saudi Company called G.A.C. (General Agencies Corporation), and in the course of the conversation we learned that his father was the head of the Northern Ireland Prison Service. And that G.A.C. were having trouble with a particular road contract which he was responsible for, and they were at their wit’s end trying to find a solution to a technical problem which was causing the Tarmac to blister. All the Western technical experts had drawn a blank and he was quite worried about it. At this point the Sheikh said, if you write down in simple every day language the problem as you see it, my wife, Insha’Allah, may be able to find the solution to your problem. 

Mike wrote down the points and gave them to the Sheikh, who in turn gave them to his wife. She then started to write, and prepared a several page response, which he alone was allowed to read but not allowed to keep. The next day Mike left for the project and I did not see him until my return trip the following month, when I was invited to his house for dinner. During the evening he made mention of the problem, and said, “By the way, your friend’s wife was right.” I said, really, what was it then? He informed me that Kareema had correctly identified the problem as being in the water, which they were purchasing from the desalination plant in tanker loads; however on further investigation it turned out that some of the drivers were pocketing the money and delivering raw sea water to their aggregate washing plant, which was causing the chemical reaction. Mike was delighted and astonished at the same time, how she could have known what the experts on the spot had failed to recognise. He asked me to convey his sincere thanks to both the Sheikh and his wife, which I did in the November of that same year when visiting them in the States. 

Nine years later, in January 1984, I, too, was faced with a problem, which took me back to the United States, to Des Moines Iowa, and to Washington D.C. The Sheikh by this time had passed away. So I telephoned his wife and informed her of the problem for which I needed a completely independent, unbiased answer. I told her that I needed to understand the meaning of a certain combination of words and what they represented. I told her nothing more than that. On March the 19th 1984 she sent me the following answer: 

“In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate The Merciful. 

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil. 

Jabulon the power of the compeller and the power of the Lord Jehovah. If we take the spelling in English with its sound, it would mean Ja is the existing object. Releasing of air from one’s self as if to bestow upon. While one does not hold back a thing or restrain self. There is no stimulation to the brain or the spinal cord, this is a sound of the seeker of the path. The giving up of self to receive new inspiration or force: Soul force. To empty out. This same sound applies to jeem with a fatha above. 

Yet if we spell this word in Arabic - jeem is a physical letter moving from right to left... Thus Ja as established above is, as is stated: the sound. 

Bu: is expelling again but without the total expelling for this sound, is a cut-off sound and is only partially open as a sound. Mild yet within the realm of understanding as a subtle awareness. 

Lon: The sound of the mentally aware or spiritually aware as it would be in the case of the mystic. Quickly its appearance, thought, and deliberate connotation is to utilize or act upon. This is the sound of the oyster that contains the pearl. If the seeker is not swift enough, the shell closes and the pearl is lost: This is the sound of the opening of the soul and the closing of the flesh. 

Jabulon is in its entirety a word which begins spiritual giving and contains the flesh of the seeker or those who arrive at repeating or calling upon this word. Yet Jabulon compells its subjects, and those who use it compel others. 

Remember that Ja or Jah the sound, means Jehova or Yahweh (and) are the same word as well as the same sound. Jabulon and these words are sound words that call entities into being. For every sound and combination of sounds there is an entity. For although these sounds are the releasing of or cause the releasing of one’s soul force, we find great problems when a combination of sounds are not noted with some form of stimulation to the brain or spinal cord. This is in the case of calling something into being. This word is an unfamiliar combination of sounds that are positive in nature. This word Jabulon and the sound is used to call forth the demon of the compelling force of hell and hellish beings or entities. 

My mind’s eye sees the ghoul like creature ... I do not like this word or any form of this word... After I returned from making Istakarah I received the rest and was even more uncomfortable in feelings. Then my mind’s eye was seeing the ugly creature. I dis liked this. It’s bad enough to feel bad about a word, but to approach seeing what it brings into being, it’s just too much. Do not use this word, limit your saying of this word, it is not good! 

“Suddenly a compelling force had arisen, and he dominated us with his personality, with his gestures, his manner and speech, his ardor and vision.” [Rabbi Mondecai Braude, recalling Theodor Herzl’s performance at the 1st Zionist Conference at Basle in 1897; The Diaries of Theodor Herzl, page XXV] 

Allah says: “Shall I inform you, on whom it is that the evil ones descend? They descend on every lying, wicked person in whose ears they pour hearsay vanities, and most of them are liars. And the poets, - it is those straying in evil who follow them. Do you not see that wander distracted in every valley, and that they say what they practise not? Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of God, and defend themselves only after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!” [Surah 26, al-Shu’arah (the Poets), verse 201-227] 

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