Jesus Said, ‘Beware By What Spirit You Are Led’ 

Contrary to official public statements by Commander Michael Bernard Shepley Higham RN, Grand Secretary of The United Grand Lodge of England, that Freemasonry is not a religion but an adjunct to it, we find, on further investigation, that his views are not supported by evidence even from masonic scholars, eminent or otherwise, or official documents, which lead to an entirely different understanding. 

Albert G. Mackey’s 1921 revised edition of the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry states that “Masonry is in every sense of the word - except one - an eminently religious institution, that is in debt solely to the religious element which it contains, for its origin and for its continued existence, and that without this religious element, it would scarcely be worthy of cultivation by the wise and (the) good.” [The Question of Freemasonry, page 3] 

Albert Pike, 33rd degree Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of America between 1859 and 1891, states in his now famous, or infamous Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, published in 1871: Freemasonry “is the universal, eternal, immutable religion, such as God planted in the heart of universal humanity; no creed has ever been long-lived that was not built on this foundation. It is the base and they are the superstructure. Masonry, then, is a religious institution, and on this ground mainly, if not alone, should the religious masons defend it.” [ibid] 

33rd Degree Pike says that it is also “ The custodian and depository of the great philosophical and religious truths unknown to the world at large, and handed down from age to age by an unbroken current of tradition, embodied in symbols, emblems and allegories.” [ibid] 

Manley P. Hall, in his ‘Locked Keys of Freemasonry’, gives a clear picture of the ‘spirit’ by which freemasonry is led, and the disturbing reason for all the secrecy and disinformation surrounding masonic origins and religious beliefs: “When the mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands, and before he may step onward and upwards, he must prove his ability to properly apply (this) energy.” [ ibid, page 6; The Oxford dictionary describes Lucifer as ‘the Morning Star; Satan.’ Hence all the subterfuge.] 

However, before the mason discovers this Luciferian aspect of ‘The Brotherhood’ (if at all), he has already agreed to submit himself blindly to the authority of his ‘worshipful master’ with a binding oath; Mackey in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, page 525, reminds us that: “ The first duty of every mason is to obey the mandate of the master”, and that “ The order must at once be obeyed.” [ibid] 

Blind obedience is standard Masonic policy, perfected and ruthlessly implemented by the Arabian Masonic Order of the Assassins in 1090 AD under the Grand Mastership of the Persian Hasan Saba. And because of their murderous attacks on Christian Pilgrims going to Jerusalem precipitating the first Crusade of 1099 AD, present day masonic movements appear to derive all their operational policies from Abdullah ibn Maymun (872 AD) via the Grand Lodge of Cairo (1004 AD) through Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati between 1777 and 1811. But the Qur’an confirms it to be far more ancient than that. Mackey goes on to say: “Its character and its consequences may be matters of subsequent inquiry (but) the masonic rule of (blind) obedience is like the nautical imperative: Obey orders even if you break owners.” [ibid] 

Arthur Waite, in his ‘New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry’, reminds us of the functions worshipful masters carry out for their subordinates. “ The head and chief of the lodge (is) the source of light, knowledge and instruction in masonry. He personifies the sublime art of masonry, and is the spokesman thereof.” 

Misleading public statements are standard practice for official masonic spokesmen, like Commander Higham. Statements which seem to contradict Pike, Mackey, Hall and Waite - all reliable experts on the subject, who categorically assert that freemasonry is indeed a religious order, with an unbroken tradition, and the depository of great philosophical truths handed down from age to age - are essential for its continued survival. Truth and openness have never, and can never be part of masonic policy, as the following passages will demonstrate: 

On July 14th, 1889, Albert Pike, as grand commander of ‘universal freemasonry’ made clear the reasons for all the lies and secrecy, when he said: “ That which we must say to the crowd is [that] ‘We worship a God but it is the God that one adores without superstition’. [However,] To you Sovereign Grand Inspectors General [of the 33rd degree] we say this, that you may [in turn] repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: The Masonic Religion should be by all of us initiates in the High Degrees maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine.” 

[For] if Lucifer were not God, would Adonai [the God of Abraham] whose deeds prove his cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, his barbarism and repulsion for science, would Adonai and his Priests calumniate him? Yes [brethren] Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonai is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two gods! darkness being necessary for light to serve as its foil. As the pedestal is necessary for the statue and the brake to the locomotive. Thus the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of Adonai [Allah]. Lucifer, God of Light and Good, is struggling for humanity against Adonai, the God of Darkness and Evil." [ibid, page 7] 

“ To prevent the light from escaping at once, the Demon/s forbade Adam to eat the fruit of ‘knowledge of good and evil’ by which he would have known the Empire of Light as well as of Darkness. He obeyed; (but) an Angel of Light, induced him to transgress, and gave him the means of Victory; but (then) the Demon/s created Eve, who seduced him into the act of Sensualism that enfeebled him, and bound him anew in the bonds of matter. This is repeated in the case of every man that lives.” [Occult Theocracy, page 6-7] 

The ‘Principal’ or ‘Angel of light - Lucifer’ reappears to mankind much later on, according Albert Pike and his Masonic brethren of the 30th to the 33rd degree, speaking in support of their adherence to the Luciferian Doctrine. On this occasion, we are informed, he only “put on the appearance of a human body and took the name of Christ in the Messiah, only to accommodate itself to the language of the Jews. The light did its work, turning the Jews from the adoration of the Evil Principle [Adonai] and the Pagans from the worship of Demons. But the Chief of the Empire of Darkness caused him to be crucified by the Jews. Still, he suffered in appearance only.” [Pikes, Morals and Dogma, quoted in The Question of Freemasonry, page 6]. For every lie to succeed it must always contain an element of truth! 

The Qur’an informs us of this double, double-cross. 

First of all, Allah has said: “Take not for worship Two gods. For there is only One God: So of Me be only in Awe: To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on the earth, and Religion is His forever: Then can you fear other than Allah?” [Surah 16, An-Nahl (The Bee), verse 51-52] 

Secondly, like the original Gospels, the Qur’an tells us that Jesus was not murdered by the Jews, even though they boasted that they had killed him like so many of God’s messengers they had assasinated before him. The Gospel of Barnabas informs us that it was only the transfigured Judas who was crucified suffering the fate he had planned for Jesus at the instigation of Satan, perhaps in his Angel of Light disguise, the disguise that according to St. Barnabas fooled Paul on the road to Damascus, hence their estrangement. The alternating Luciferian/Satanic emanations are in reality only manifestations of the left and right aspects of the same Diabolical entity, but in his case they are both integrated and dedicated, which helps to explain why the victim on the cross asks God why He had ‘forsaken him’ when he had only carried out his bidding. 

The Qur’an states that because The People of the Book were presumptious, asking Moses to “show them God in public”, they were stunned for their presumption. And because they broke their covenants and rejected God’s signs they have incurred divine displeasure. And because they made a habit of killing God’s Messengers, God “sealed their hearts for their blasphemy, for little is it they believe”. And that “ They rejected faith and uttered against Mary a grave calumny” that she was unchaste. And boasted “we have killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of God”, “but they killed him not, nor did they crucify him, but it appeared so unto them. And behold those who disagree concerning it are full of uncertainties. They have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of conjecture, for certainly they killed him not. But Allah made him ascend up unto Himself; and Allah is exalted in power, wise. And furthermore there is not one of the people of the book but will believe in him before his (real) death; and on the day of judgment he will bear witness against them.” 

For the iniquity of the Jews, God made certain good and wholesome foods unlawful, because “ They hindered many from God’s way”, and also “ That they took usury/interest though they were forbidden it, and [through it] devoured men’s substance wrongfully.” God says, “We have prepared for those amongst them who reject faith grievous punishment.” [Qur’an, Surah 4, an-Nisa’ (Women), verses 153-161] 

Pike states in his ‘Morals and Dogma’: “Masonry, like all religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to conceal the truth, which it calls light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy of it or would pervert it.” 

The lower degrees are naturally kept in ignorance that Satan as Lucifer is their ‘Grand Architect’, until they are too far committed to think of leaving. 

“ The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of The Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally mislead by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them.” [The Question of Freemasonry, page 5] 

Henry Wilson Coil in his Masonic encyclopedia published in 1961 apologises for Mackey and Pike, who he says both entered the fraternity in the 1840’s when fabulist masonic literature was at its height suggesting that both walked unsuspectingly into an American circle of magism, paganism, and occultism and published works before they “were properly seasoned in the history or doctrine of the Craft” while at the same time ignoring - he says - “ Those things that were indisputably Masonic, such as the Gothic Constitutions”. Yet these same Gothic Constitutions confirm Mackey’s and Pike’s view. 

Freemasons are traditionally mislead into believing that their order derives its mandate from the Holy Prophet King Solomon whilst building the Temple in Jerusalem, even though by order no iron tools were to be employed in its construction. A stone eating worm called the Shamir (as in Yitsak Shamir) was deployed by Suleiman to carry out all the carving. Therefore, stone masons had little, if anything, to do with its construction. King Suleiman or Solomon had the power to control all material and spiritual forces during his reign, and the Glorious Temple was built in the main by non-human agencies, and by the absolute power and authority of King Suleiman. Even rebellious Jinns or Genies were pressed into service and despised toil, creating by their genius lakes of smooth clear glass, beautiful monuments, and sculptures. But they toiled on long after the death of King Suleiman, because even they with their genius and miraculous capabilities had not recognised the fact, that the prophet-king, Solomon was dead, because he still appeared every day, standing in his usual place, resting on his staff. Only when his staff crumpled, having been weakened by a wood boring worm, and Suleiman fell, did the rebellious Jinn realise the truth. 

The Qur’an, as usual, sets the record straight on such issues. Practically all secret societies and subversive movements derive their spiritual direction and inspiration from the genius of Lucifer/Satan. For they are one and the same, to follow one or the other is only the same as jumping out out of the frying pan into the fire. The warning in the Qur’an about occult freemasonry and all its associated ‘fringe organisations’ is as follows:- 

“And when there comes to them a messenger from Allah, confirming that which they already possess from earlier revelations, a party of those who have received the Scripture [Jews and Christians] conceal the Scripture of Almighty God behind their backs, pretending not to know! 

Preferring to follow what the evil ones falsely relate about the power of Solomon. It was not Solomon who disbelieved; but the devils who disbelieved, teaching men magic, and that which was revealed by the two angels at Babel, Harut and Marut. But neither of these two taught anyone anything without first informing them ‘We are only here as a temptation for you; So do not blaspheme.’ The result was that mankind learned occult sciences by which they could cause divisions between man and wife; but they could not harm anyone by these means, except by God’s permission. And they learned only what harmed them, not what was beneficial. 

Even though they knew from their scriptures that by trafficking in the occult they would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And surely evil is the price for which they sell their souls, if they but knew." [Surah 2, Al-Baqarah (the Heifer), verse 101-102] 

According to some commentators the above Quranic statements amount to the fact ‘that some of the Children of Israel, particularly the tribe of Judah instead of following the Word of God, followed certain evil practices which they falsely attribute to the holy prophet Solomon and two angels at Babel. Solomon is declared free of any such crime attributed to him, and the story against the two angels declared to be a falsehood invented by them in order to justify their continued use of magic and usury. 

As the Qur’an says: “Secret counsels are only the work of the devil that he may cause to grieve those who believe, and yet he cannot hurt them in the least except with Allah’s permission”. (Qur’an Surah 58, verse 10) 

Rabbi Isaac Wise (1819-1900) said: “Freemasonry is a Jewish Organization from A to Z, its history, its requirements, its ranks, its degrees, its passwords or secret words, all its descriptions, except a secondary single degree and a few words in the oaths passage, are Jewish.” [The British Journal 30/4/1965] 

1985-86 Masonic Year Book [Grand Lodge of England]: 

The 1985-86 Masonic Year Book lists three Rabbis as having held the high position of Past Assistant Grand Chaplain. Rabbi Isaac N. Fabricant 1960, Rabbi Percy S. Goldberg 1960, Rabbi Dr. Maurice Gaguine 1974. 

We also find people with Muslim names listed but not as yet having achieved such prominence, but never the less it is a clear indication that members of the Muslim community are once again beginning to involve themselves in these dangerous short-sighted practices, looking for material advantages, at the soul’s expense. [short-term gain for long-term pain] 

Grand Officers  Craft  Royal Arch 
Ghulam M. Qureshie  1958 PGstB PAGDC 1958 
Mohammed A. Pasha 1985 PGstB 
Mazhar Mufty 1972 PGstB 
Bashir A. Mauladad  1978 PGstB 
Mohamed H. Cassim Sait  PAGDC 1983 
Hon. Judge Ali A.k. Cazi  1985 PSGDB  
Mohamed R. Chaudrhi  PAGDC 1984
Dr. Mohamed F. Jamili  P1956 PJGD 
Dr. Mostapha G M. Kamil  1974 JGD AGSOJ 1960 
Kabir A. Sheikh 1973 PAGDC  PGstB 1974 
Hossein Touty  1947 PAGDC 

Pakistan still lists 14 Lodges with Kabir A. Sheikh as its Deputy District Grand Master, Mazhar Mufty as Assistant District Grand Master, and Dr. Dara J. Hormasji as District Grand Secretary; with Lodges located at Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, Pershawar, Rawalpindi and Tarbela Dam. 



But of greater concern are those listings of Masonic Lodges in the heartland of Islam, Saudi Arabia, mainly operating under the umbrella of ARAMCO. For example [Arabian Nr 882] Masonic Lodge was established in 1962 under the flag of The Arabian American Oil Company in Dhahran. At that time Mr Phillip W. Dequine was responsible for the lodge together with Fredrick W. Elliott, its postal address being Aramco Oil Company, Box 1852, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Later in 1966 another lodge was established at Ras Tanura called [Nejma Lodge number 897] again with its address at the Aramco Installation P.O. Box 364. The people responsible for the Masonic activities were Harlan M. Cleaver, and G. Robert Gulovsen. In the 1986 American listings of lodges at home and overseas the above lodges are shown as still functioning, with three additional lodges being listed for the region, although no addresses are provided, but we should list them for the sake of interest. 

(1) Red Sea Lodge No 919. 

(2) Pyramid Lodge of Past Masters No 962. 

(3) Udhailiyah No 964: Brethren are instructed to write to Mr Jess Minton Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary, American & Canadian Grand Lodge, Hermannstrasse 39, 6000 Frankfurt am Main, West Germany, Telephone (069) 593262. 

According to K. W. Henderson’s Masonic World Guide, the first Lodge erected in the Middle East was established by Scotland at Aden in 1850. The first symbolic lodge was formed at Jerusalem about 1873, where we are told it met until it expired in 1903. This was the Royal Solomon Mother Lodge, which was established by Canadian archaeological engineers under a charter from Canada. Subsequently, several lodges were established in the holy land by the then regular National Grand Lodge of Egypt. Later, a National Grand Lodge of Palestine was formed in 1933. In between 1930 and 1940 the United Grand Lodge of England warranted several lodges in the area, Scotland chartered eleven in the same period. In addition, five German lodges were established in the 1930’s by German Masons who had fled the Nazis. 

In 1948 the British Mandate over Palestine ended and, it is said, all English Lodges withdrew from Palestine. [having served their purpose?] In 1953, The Grand Lodge of The State of Israel came into being under largely Scottish Sponsorship, all thirty-one founding lodges were with Scottish Charters, plus five German Lodges. By 1983 it had 61 lodges with a membership of some three thousand. Grand Lodge of The State of Israel, founded in 1953, address: P.O. Box 33206, Tel Aviv, Israel. Principle Temple, 5 Weizman Street. Telephone (03) 251805. 

Israeli Lodges work variously in Hebrew, Arabic, German, French, English, Rumanian, and Spanish, and it is usual to see at least three volumes of sacred law open in Israeli Lodges. Old Testament Hebrew, The New Testament, and The Koran. The Seal of the Grand Lodge of Israel consists of Square and Compasses, together with the Star of David, the Crescent and the Cross. In some Arabic-Speaking Lodges an old Arab custom is observed after toasts, whereby all who are present drain their glasses and turn them upside down. Alcohol is available at the after proceedings of many lodges. 

In 1981, a Christian Arab Was Grand Master Of Israel. 

Other pertinent temples are at 13 Esrath-Israel Street, Jerusalem, and at 119 Hanassi Street, Haifa. The ‘Bnei Or Lodge’ or ‘Sons of Light’ Number 66, is a Military Lodge, consisting of men serving in the Israeli Defence Forces, and has a travelling warrant enabling it to meet anywhere in Israel; members invariably dress in uniform. 

JORDAN. Formerly the British protectorate of Trans-Jordan, now an independent Monarchy, has never possessed many lodges. The only remaining lodge is Lodge Jordan No 1339 SC, which was originally chartered by Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1925 at Jaffa (Tel Aviv), but moved to Amman in 1935. It has the distinction of being the only British Warranted Lodge still working anywhere in the Middle East outside of Israel. The American Lodges have now taken over, many via Germany. Jordan Lodge No 1339 SC, meets at the Masonic Hall, Jabal Amman, Amman, Jordan; on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, monthly, except in the months of July, August and September. 

KUWAIT. Had, until recently, two English Lodges, these were Kuwait Lodge No. 6810 and the Rowland Chadwick Lodge No. 7472. The former erected in 1949, and the latter in 1956. Neither re-appeared in the English Roll of Lodges in 1982. 

LEBANON. The American Grand Lodge of New York lists ten of their Masonic Lodges still operating in the Lebanon in 1986. These no doubt serve as intelligence gathering outposts for the Imperial American Empire, keeping Israel safe by disturbing its neighbours through the evil it is compelled to commit. Freemasonry has always been a subversive organisation and finds itself at home among its roots and origins in the Middle East. 

American Grand Lodge Of New York. Lodges In Lebanon. 

Location  Name  Number 
Amioun Koura  Suleiman 
Baakline  Chouf 
Beirut  Syrio-American 
Beirut  New York 2
Beirut  Fakhr ud Deen 
Beirut  Lebanon  10 
Beirut  Ani  11 
Mardjayoun  El Merj 
Tripoli  Turbol 
Zehlen  El Ber Downie 

SYRIA. The initial Lodges in Syria were established in the 1860s by the Grand Orient of Italy and France, The organisation responsible for the fall of the Caliphate. Scotland chartered Lodges in 1909. 

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Its first and only Lodge was erected by England at Sharja in 1967; this was trucial Lodge No. 8160. 

YEMEN. Lodge 3870 established in 1918 now operates in South Croydon, England. 

TURKEY. K. W. Henderson informs us on page 216-217 of his Masonic World Guide that Turkey’s regular Grand Lodge was recognised by England in 1970, although it dates from 1909. He gives its address as Masonic Hall, Nur Ziya Sokak 25, Beyoglu, Istanbul, telephone 492 451; number of Lodges 65, permitting dual and plural membership; membership 4,766; descent France, England, Scotland and others. There is documented reference to the existence of Lodges in Turkey as early as 1738. These eminated from various European sources. Various Sultans issued edicts suppressing Freemasonry, particularly during the reign of Sultan Abdelhamid II (1876-1909). However, this suppression did not extend to Lodges warranted from foreign countries. 

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