How the East was lost
From Sir Gerard Lowther to Sir Charles Harding
(Private and Confidential)
May 29, 1910

“Dear Charles,

Gorst’s telegram of the 23rd April about the rumored appointment of Mohamed Farid as delegate in Egypt of the Constantinople Freemasons, “said to be intimately connected with the committee of Union and Progress”, prompts me to write to you at some length on the strain of continental Freemasonry running through the Young Turk movement.

I do so privately and confidentially, as this new Freemasonry in Turkey, unlike that of England and America, is in great part secret and political, and information on the subject is only available in strict confidence, while those who betray its political secrets seem to stand in fear of the hand of the Mafia. Some days ago a local Mason who divulged the signs of the craft was actually threatened with being sent before a court-martial, sitting in virtue of our state of siege.

As you are aware, the Young Turkey movement in Paris was quite separate from and in great part in ignorance of the inner workings of that in Salonica. The latter has a population of about 140,000, of whom 80,000 are Spanish Jews, and 20,000 of the sect of Sabetai Levi (zevi) or Crypto-Jews, who externally profess Islamism. Many of the former have in the past acquired Italian Nationality and are Freemasons affiliated to Italian Lodges. Nathan, the Jewish Lord Mayor of Rome, is high up in Masonry, and the Jewish Premiers Luzzati and Sonnino, and other Jewish senators and deputies, are also, it appears, Masons. They claim to have been founded from and to follow the ritual of the “Ancient Scottish.”

...The inspiration of the movement in Salonica would seem to have been mainly Jewish [Atatürk also came from Salonica], while the words “Liberté,” “Equalité”, and “Fraternité”, the motto of the young Turks, are also the device of Italian Freemasons... Shortly after the revolution in July 1908, when the Committee established itself in Constantinople, it soon became known that many of its leading members were Freemasons... it was noticed that Jews of all colours, native and foreign, were enthusiastic supporters of the new dispensation, till, as a Turk expressed it, every Hebrew became a potential spy of the occult (Balkan) Committee, and people began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than Turkish Revolution..."

The Gorst, mentioned by Sir Gerard Lowther to Sir Charles Harding was none other than Sir Eldon Gorst, who in 1907 had replaced Lord Cromer as Chief British Agent and Consul-General in Cairo, a post Cromer had held from 1883. Gorst had good reason to be concerned about the activities of the “Committee of Union and Progress”, because, according to ‘The Times History of The War’, [Vol 3, pages 281-3], during his tenure of office the Christian Premier, Butros Pasha Ghali, was assassinated by a student connected with that same Judeo- Masonic organisation, which as we now know, according to Sir Gerard Lowther, was serving strictly Jewish ambitions. The ‘Times History’ goes on to say:- “After the sadly premature death of Sir Eldon Gorst, Lord Kitchener was appointed in his stead.”

Sir Eldon Gorst, it seems, was instructed to avoid friction and “incidents.” He attempted a policy of conciliation which apparently did not meet with success. He was nevertheless able to detatch the Khedive from the Extremist Nationalist Party and curb the licence of the extremist press. After the appointment of Kitchener, it says, the extremist Nationalists lost ground and fled to Turkey, but the Khedive and the Ottoman Special Mission continued their intrigues. Sedition was scotched, but not killed. It does not mention how, when and where Gorst died.


The reason for Britain being in Egypt, was as usual material self-interest. Having opposed the Suez Canal project to begin with, once it had become a fact of commercial life, the City of London had to make sure it was not held to ransom by the French. The ‘Times History’ states:

“Great Britain had been opposed to the construction of the Suez Canal, which opened a new and shorter route to India to the Mediterranian Powers. Its completion made the fate of Egypt largely dependent on the will of the leading Sea Power - Britain.

In 1857 Lord Beaconsfield [Disraeli] purchased [with the aid of the Rothschilds] 176,602 original founders’ shares from the [financially] embarrassed Khedive. England having thus acquired a definite stake in the country was bound to intervene both in the management of the Canal and in the organization of Egyptian Finance.

The problem of Ottoman-Egypt, like Ottoman-Turkey itself, was one of indebtedness to the European Powers, primarily France and England. The Khedive, like the Sultan, was heavily in debt, and having become financially embarrassed was forced to sell his shares [but not necessarily] to Lord Beaconsfield in 1875.

The Khedive was deposed by the Sultan of Turkey in 1879, with anarchy resulting under his successor Tewfik, with military mutiny inspired partly by the very real grievances against foreign usurers and corrupt officials. Great Britain intervened on behalf of the Khedive and restored order at Tel-el-Kebir in 1882... There were indeed several occassions on which her statesmen contemplated the withdrawal of the Army of Occupation, but after the failure of the Anglo-Turkish negotiations of 1886-1887 it was recognised that this could only be effected, if at all, after many years.

Inspite of the jealousy of France, whose politicians had allowed themselves to be manoeuvered into an attitude of hostility towards England by Germany, the hostility of reactionary elements and of the Khedive Abbas II., who succeeded his father Tewfik in 1892, the financial bondage in which Egypt was held by international jealousies, the abuse... and the fact that none of the Great Powers had definitely recognised our special position and interests in Egypt, our influence increased.

...Six years later came the Anglo French agreement of happy augury, by which France, in return for concessions in Morocco and elsewhere, recognised England’s special interests in Egypt, while England undertook to make no change in the political status of the country. The other European Powers, except, of course, Turkey, some sooner, some later, recognised the occupation..."

Egypt, it must be remembered, was still part of the Ottoman- Islamic Empire. And the Khedive only ruled by the Firman of 1879. He was not empowered to sell off the family silver or the Suez Canal.

“The Khediveate was hereditary in the House of Muhammad Ali according to the law of primogeniture. But the same Firman debarred the Khedive from the raising of loans without the consent of the Sultan, and of keeping an army of more than 18,000 men in time of peace, nor could he conclude any treaty beyond certain commercial conventions with any Foreign Power. At the Sublime Porte Egypt was regarded as an autonomous Ottoman province ruled by an hereditary Govenor-General appointed by the Sultan, though possessed of greater independence than other Ottoman ‘Valis’.”

It seems hardly surprising that the Caliph of Islam was upset by these carryings on, and it is also clear that no government should ever borrow any money from foreigners to conduct public works, like the Suez canal. It should always increase its own domestic money supply at zero interest and end up with assets and not liabilities, which give those same foreign powers a built-in time bomb, which could be activated when a pretext was required to invade and occupy a country. The events described here were also predicted by the last Prophet of Islam - Muhammad, who warned that the forces of Anti-Christ would come and divide their lands like a roasted sheep at a feast, or in this case - carved Turkey? The entire world is now at the mercy of these same ‘Banksters’, not only the Islamic community. The New World Order is just the old one in disguise.

The Judeo-Masonic machinations of Turkey’s Finance minister and betrayal of Palestine have yet to be fully investigated together with those of the Bahai Movement, and if not all, most of the current Sufi movements. Sheikh Abdel Kadir al Murabit alias Sheikh Abdel Kader as-Sufi (aka Ian Dallas) is now promoting Nietzsche amongst his followers, and in the light of their history the Sufi groups with Turkish links are to be viewed with some scepticism.

Sir Gerard’s warning from his vantage point at the British Embassy in Constantinople endorses Lady Queenborough’s contention that the powers that had taken over Turkey constituted an Occult (Masonic) Theocrasy. In her book of that title, in the section concerned with Associations of the 20th Century, Chapter CXIII, page 585, entitled ‘The Young Turk Movement’, she makes the following observation:-

“Not till 1900, when the Grand Orient virtually took over the Young Turk Party which was composed chiefly of Jews, Greeks and Armenians, did this movement assume a serious aspect.”

Vicomte Leon de Poncins in ‘The Secret Powers behind the Revolution’ [page 66], giving the history and origin of the ‘Young Turk’ Movement, adds the following information, taken from the Masonic organ of the Grand Orient:-

“The Acacia (October 1908) A secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica. Salonica, the most Jewish town in Europe - 70,000 Jews out of a population of 100,000 - was specially suited for the purpose. It already contained several Lodges, in which the revolutionaries could work without being disturbed. These Lodges are under the Protection of European diplomacy. And as the Sultan was without weapons against them, his fall was inevitable... On the 1st May, 1909, the representatives of 45 Turkish Lodges met in Constantinople and founded the ‘Grand Orient Ottoman’. Mahmoud Orphi Pasha was nominated Grand Master...

A short time after a Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites was also founded and recognised by the French and Italian authorities." [In April 1908 Tel Aviv was founded]

According to Coil’s Masonic Encyclopedea, The Grand Orient of France and Italy [preparing for the onslaught against the strongly Christian Caliphate of Russia] established similar Lodges in St Petersburg and other cities, which provided a similar networking platform in the Bolshevik Revolution. Kerenski’s entire government were members. These lodges were closed in 1911, but re-opened again to carry out their original objectives, as pure political clubs without rituals.

“To complete this information”, says Lady Queenborough, “we may add that two of the Salonica lodges, those of Macedonia and Labour & Lux were connected with the Grand Orient of Italy and France.”

The above extracts, are from official documents, one from Sir Gerard Lowther of the British Embassy in Constantinople, the other, from an official Masonic publication. Both confirm that the City of Constantinople fell to an army of between 70,000 and 80,000 occult Masonic Jews and 20,000 crypto-Muslim Jews, without a shot being fired. 

Furthermore these events were clearly foretold by the Prophet Muhammad 1300 years beforehand, who also warned of The Great War within 6 years of its occurence, with the emergence of the Anti- Christ one year later.

In Sahih Muslim, Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet Muhammad inquired: Have you heard of a city, of which part is in the sea? Yes, they said [understanding him to mean Constantinople]. He said: “ The Last Hour shall not occur until 70,000 of the children of Isaac shall attack it. When they will come to it they will land down, but they will not fight with arms, nor shower it with arrows. They will only say: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest’, and one of its sides will fall. They will recite it for the second time: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Allah is The Greatest’, and another side of the city will fall. Afterwards they will recite for a third time: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest’, and then it will be opened to them, and they will enter it and acquire booty. While they will be dividing the spoils, a proclaimer will come to them and say: Verily Dajjal/Anti-Christ has come out. Then they will leave everything and return.”

In Mishkat al-Masabih another Hadith is quoted with the following addition: “Within six years look to ‘The Great War’. Then after one more year the emergence of the Dajjal (or Anti-Christ) and Revolution which would enter every Arab House, followed by mutual hostility between the Arabs.”

Within six years of the ‘Young Turk’ revolution of 1908 and the fall of Constantinople to the 70,000 Jews as prophecied, the Great War began on schedule. By November 1st 1914, Britain had declared war on Turkey - within the time frame specified by The Prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him. Other significant events resulting from the fall of the Islamic Caliphate and the rise of the Jewish Caliphate are as follows:-

On January 5th 1915 the Turkish army was defeated in the Caucasus. On August 29th Italy declared war on Turkey. On December 13th French and British troops occupied Salonika. The Arab Uprising in 1916, the Balfour declaration in 1917, and the Bolshevik revolutions in the same year, brought with them terror on a massive scale. Following the fall of Jerusalem on December 9th 1917, came the destruction of the Turkish army at Megido (Armageddon) on September 19th 1918, culminating in the ‘Peace to end all peace’- conferences on January 18th 1919, and here again we see the same well-tried conspiracies at work.

Before moving on, I wish to give a third and final account of the Young ‘Turk’ revolution. This time from ‘The Times History of the War’ [Vol XIV, Chapter CCXVII, page 308]. This establishes conclusively and contrary to Professor Norman Cohn’s statements in ‘Warrant for Genocide’ that there is and always was a Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy with a strong anti-Islamic, anti-Orthodox Judeo/Christian tendency at work in the world; responsible for all past and present trials and tribulations.

The Times History says:- “In European Turkey the Spanish Jews, or Sephardim, as they call themselves, found two conditions essential for their prosperity - a benevolent government and a country in a low state of economic development. They settled in the chief commercial centres - Constantinople, Uskub, Sarajevo and above all Salonika - and rapidly supplanted Greeks, Venetians, Genoese and Ragusans.”


“ The settlement of the Sephardim in Rumelia was a noteworthy epoch in the history of the Jews, for it marked the first retracing of their steps in the direction of Zion. But these Sephardim never girded themselves for the final stages of the road.”

“Salonika, with its 80,000 Jews [70,000. on page 11, Vol XII] speaking their inherited Spanish dialect, was already a Jewish home; and who could expect a Jew, with his history of wandering behind him, to abandon lightly so fair an asylum? Loyalty and material interest combined to make the Sephardim stay where they were and stand by the Turks. They became linked to the Turks more intimately through a crypto-Jewish Moslem community, the Dönme, descended from Sephardim converted in the seventeenth century.”

“The Dönme were represented by [Turkey’s finance minister] Djavid Bey, the financier, on the Committee of Union and Progress, and through Oriental Free Masonry, which they controlled, the Salonika Sephardim were associated from the beginning with the Young Turkish movement. In Turkey as in Hungary, and from the same mixed motives of gratitude and ambition, they threw in their lot with the ruling race, and they supplied the intellectual element in the new Turkish Nationalism.”

“The author of the standard exposition of the ‘Pan-Turanian Movement’, who calls himself by the pure Turkish name of ‘Tekin Alp’, is believed to have been a Salonika Jew; and there is also reason to suppose that the secularising, anti-Islamic tendency which is so remarkable a feature in Pan-Turanianism was partly the effect of this Jewish influence.” 80

In 1881 the Ottoman Debt had been consolidated and reduced to £160,000,000 Sterling. It was administered by a commission of the Public Debt, representing the creditors and under the control of France and England. The Commission ran the State Monopolies on Salt, Tobacco, etc., as well as the collection of various taxes. “ The whole system impaired Turkey’s sovereign rights.” [The Diaries of Theodor Herzl, page 139]

On June 17th 1896, on the Orient Express, that other wandering Jew, Theodor Herzl wrote in his Diaries: “Nevlinski believes that the Sultan’s only salvation lies in an alliance with the Young Turks - who for their part are on good terms with the Macedonians, Cretans, Armenians, etc., and in putting through reforms with their help. He had given this counsel to the Sultan in a report.

I [Theodor Herzl] said, that in addition to this program he should provide with Jewish help, the means to carry it out.”

“Let the Sultan give us that parcel of land [Palestine] and in return we would set his house in order, regulate his finances, and influence world opinion in his favour...”

“Unprepared as I was, I merely said to him that we were figuring that we could give some 20 million pounds for Palestine...We devoted 20 million Turkish pounds towards the regularisation of the Turkish finances. Of that sum we give two millions in exchange for Palestine - the amount being based on a capitalisation of its present annual revenue (T80,000). With the remaining 18 millions we free Turkey from the European-controlled Commission.” [Sir Vincent Henry Pensalver Caillard was one of the heads of the Ottoman Public Debt Council]

“The first four categories of bond-holders are induced by the privileges we grant them - viz: increased rates of interest, extension of amortisation period, etc. - to agree to the suppression of the Commission.” [The Diaries of Theodor Herzl, pages 140-141]

The above confirms the following statement by the former Bank of England director Lord Stamp: “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them with the power to create credit, and with a flick of the pen they will create enough money to buy it all back again. Take this power away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine would disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then continue to let bankers control money and control credit.”

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