Most of the people who have helped in this enterprise have done so posthumously; and in some cases, inadvertantly. Nevertheless they deserve recognition. Nesta H. Webster deserves a very special mention. Her courage in taking on the occult ‘Establishment’ is an inspiration to us all. Other sources are provided in the bibliography, and the rest mentioned in passing. Some important contributors do not appear in this particular work, and warrant an entire book dedicated to them, and their selfless dedication to justice and the establishment of a benevolent system of government. Foremost among these is Abraham Lincoln whose 1864 ‘Islamic’ monetary policy caused him to be assassinated, by the owners of the ‘Satanic Purses’.

For his tireless efforts in trying to expose the corruption and instutionalised fraud in our occult banking and judicial system, a special thank you goes to John Derek Pett, co-founder of The National Association for Victims of fraud and Banking Malpractice; along with Mr and Mrs Alfred Cullinane, Paul Jenkins, Robert Owen, J. Watson, Richard Walster, Jim Salt, and other victims of fraud.

To Sheikh Zaharan Ibrahim Muhammad Ali, a true muslim, whose actions always matched his words; Abdel Wahid El’Wakil who achieved the impossible; Dr Hany El-Shestawy Nasr and his father and brother; Prof Abd Al-Maaboud, Dr Muhammad Bujerami, Ahmed Darwish, (Dr) Sobhat Hussein, Dr Yousri Shaheen, Br. Gamal, Dr Narayn Swamy, Dr P.J. Foster, George Anthony, Professor Bill Eastwood, Mr & Mrs Wendy-Scott James, Ahmed Jamal Sadiq, Mr Arthur Swan, Mr Jack (CHD) Hornsby, Martin Short, Zorah T___, Stephen Knight, Donald Martin, Eric De’Mare, Raymond Gazzo, Isa Darby, Frazer Dodwell, Ken Palmerton, John E. Dodds, John Bubba Ash, Anson Parker (Texas), Abbas Marshall, James Gibb Stuart, Miles Copeland, Shelley David Kettle, Nabil Turner, Ibrahim Hewitt, Dr Rashid Skinner, Mike and Penny Mullin, Prof Ahmed El Naggar, Mohammed Nazir, Patrick and Denise Barratt, Abdel Aziz Morgan, Samir Ghadi, Khalid Fahmy.

A Special than you to Navid Butt, Anwar Rashid, and Nadim Butt, Brother Shamoon and Amjad Khan, and all those who contributed their time and efforts in fund raising and propagation activities, and those who for various reasons wish to remain anonymous.

Last but not least my wife and family, who for many years have had to put up with a house full of books, papers and me.

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